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17A Parts 2 + 3

Yaaaaaaaaay, I'm still updating. Part 2 wasn't very long, so I wanted to do part 3 at the same time to make up for it.

Linking from Part 1 since it's been a while: 17A so far
Yaaaay, my game seems to be basically working with my backed up neighbourhoods. However, does anybody recall what default skins I was using with my legacy (or have them themselves)? I had Di's defaults in my game when I backed up my laptop from before, but ideally I'd like to keep my characters looking the same if I'm going to continue shooting. I also lost all my pictures, so I guess it's just as well I hadn't made any further progress shooting beyond my last update.

Thaaaank yoooou for any help.

Edit: FOUND THEM! I thought I would recognise the name of the creator or any pictures of the eyes (since eyes and skins were by the same creator) if I saw it and so I went trawling through google images and really old Mod The Sims pages to no avail. Then I returned to my downloads folder for some clue and there it was - in the name of one of Dicreasy's default skins. Lyran. LYRAN, ME, DON'T FORGET IT NEXT TIME.


UK Election 2015

While I wait for TS2 to install on my laptop, I churn out some UK Politics thoughts.

I inform and wind up ranting as usual. Bloody politics.Collapse )

Villains, Part 4

Description: Rodney finally tells Seth the truth
Word Count: 1,487
Warnings: Swearing, nightmares, depression, self-hatred
Other: Canon.

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Requests, anyone?

So, I can't sim for a few months (not TS2 anyway, I have been playing my base game TS3 for a bit, started differentiating faces now! :P), but I still want to do my legacy-ish writing and stuff.

So, if you have any ideas and it can be anything - smut, fluff, complete and total crack, AU, things that probably happened but weren't shown, please feel free to prompt me. There's like literally no better time to do it. And I am very not-judgemental, honest.

Love y'all,


Oh, also, I don't have AIM anymore. I could probably download it, but I'm not 100% certain what my name was even, so I might have to be reminded otherwise.


Laptop broke over the course of Christmas Eve evening to finally Christmas morning. Took it to get fixed Boxing Day, got it back today. The problem was really the graphics card which then led to the screen not working at all, yet when I got my laptop back it may have had a shiny new screen attached and buttons that work, but the whole thing was restored to factory settings for some reason that I don't know and am deeming entirely unnecessary TYVM.

Thing is, I'd come to accept the fact that I was going to need a desktop soon anyway; this thing is just not powerful enough anymore for the things (see: games, really) I want it to do. But I would have sorted that out after I was in my new place (March/April probably) with a desk capable of holding that there. And I would have transferred everything from my laptop.

All is not entirely lost as it did take some time for my laptop to cease functioning, and so I did manage to make a back-up - or, rather, half of one as it crashed halfway through and then the screen wouldn't work after that. Amusingly, and somewhat unsurprisingly, the majority of the 65 files within my half back-up comprise solely of TS2 stuff, but I don't know that it's everything. I do suspect that I may well have lost my OWBC hood as that had the same neighbourhood number as my apocalypse hood, and I think the apocalypse hood was the one I had in for the game when everything crashed so the OWBC was on my desktop that didn't back up AFAIK. And I may have lost my usual legacy genetic defaults as I was using Di's at the time. But I'd have to load TS2 back on here in order to find out.

I don't know if it's worth loading it all on here at all. If I am getting a desktop soon, there's not much point. And it's making the assumption that all my TS2 CDs will work. I did do that thing to download all of TS2 for free from the EA website thing a while ago, but I didn't do anything with it at the time and I don't know whether it will work, but if it will I would save that for the desktop. Assuming that the desktop wouldn't have the problem with anti-aliasing that I had with the laptop before this. Bloody technology.

Oh well, not like my legacy was going anywhere fast anyway, but it doesn't help the motivation (also I've been ill since NYE, so that's not helping my mood). Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year *coughing fit, glares at wiped laptop*

Villains, Part 3

Description: Seth campaigns for the benefits of beds, and Rodney temporarily overcomes some of his issues with the help of the rest of his issues.
Word Count: ~ 3,150
Warnings: PTSD and nightmares, bad language
Other: Canon.
Part 1 | Part 2

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Trying to figure and fix a glitch

I've had the past week off, so I did a bit of downloads sorting, and was trying to fix a problem I've had for a really long time, but have totally failed to do so, so I was wondering if anyone else had ever experienced the same thing.

Can anyone help me?Collapse )

Ryman Legacy update

I finished 16C. Kind of. You'll see what I mean. And I did the next part because otherwise it'd be pretty unfair to claim to be updating. If you have questions or whatever I'm happy to discuss, as ever.

Myshuno '14 #7 - Not a good idea

Prompt: "I don't think that'd work."
Rating: U
Word Count: 220
Spoilers: This is ages away, which means that even though it's vague it's still pretty spoilery.
Also: Myshuno claim!

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