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17A Parts 6, 7 + 8

Ryman Legacy 17A 6, 7 + 8

Um, I could probably put trigger warnings in for 8, but it's mostly only really talking about stuff pretty briefly, so you'd probably be okay?

And wow, I didn't even realise I hadn't properly posted part 6, I completely forgot. There is going to be a part 9 which is written and I would like to have finished before I go on holiday in a couple of weeks, but we will see. The bigger question is whether there is a 17B or if this should just be the whole chapter with a Substantial Spare Story (you know those are the good ones) to follow. I guess we'll see.

Me update: health still questionable, trying (and mostly failing) to be well enough to work full days by force of sheer determination, which my health laughs at and continues to make me suffer for. Still, Hawaii in a couple of weeks with probable 11+5 hour flights of hell for my gastric system. Meh, as always. Love you guys <3
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Surgery was painful. Is painful. When I've managed to take enough painkillers to ignore the surgery-specific pain, my intestines feel painfully too large for my torso because heaven forbid I only have one problem at a time.

What's an extremely pained girl to do at 4:30 in the morning? Use it to write scenes that are just as painful, if not moreso. Trigger warning for being murdered by your sibling while your beloved nephew watches on! Much tears.

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17A Parts 4 and 5

Parts 4 and 5

So, I wasn't going to post these until I'd finished the chapter (or at least done some more parts of it), since they're not that long, but I feel like I need to in order to explain something that might be noticeable about these parts.

I haven't staged and shot anything in almost a year, and I recently got a new proper-sized computer screen. I had been worried that I wouldn't remember all the staging cheats or poses or something, but it was actually pretty simple and I was so busy congratulating myself on this that I didn't think enough about the way the pictures looked maybe a bit smaller and maybe a bit less quality than I remembered, putting it down to the bigger new screen I had. Only on the last-but-one picture did I realise that I was taking the pictures from the Neighbourhood folder rather than the Storytelling folder, which I had previously discovered looked a bit better for me at least.

So, I don't know if anyone would have noticed, but if the pictures don't look as sharp as they used to, that would be why. And is what I get for my hubris.

I'm planning on doing the next parts soon, but I am also doing overtime every work night lately and wind up pretty tired, so we'll see how long that takes.
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CK2 Legacy Attempt #1 - Part 2

Further to my last post, a reminder of the family of Ryman, of which Birch Ryman is the tribal Chief of Deasmhumhain.

It is now January 779, ten years into the legacy, and Birch does not have an heir because the inheritance laws do not allow girls to inherit at all, and I can't change that (without cheating).

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Birch, Founder, Ryman

CK2 Legacy Attempt #1 - Chief Birch Ryman of Deasmhumhain

First some quick explanations:

Meet CK2 Birch of Ryman - proudly bearing a standard of a grilled cheese sandwich side-on. Unfortunately I couldn't give him blonde hair, blue eyes or dreadlocks, but he'll do. If you can't tell from 'Deasmhumhain', Birch is a Chief of a county in Ireland. Why Ireland? Because it's a fairly small island (less competition) almost entirely made up of single-county Chiefs (no bigger neighbours looking to swallow up his land) and hopefully we won't have too much trouble (until the Vikings come to raid >.>).

What's also good about Birch's appearance and being in Ireland is down to one of my biggest annoyances with the game: all under-16 year olds of the same gender and ethnicity are identical. So if he married somebody of the same ethnicity you couldn't tell all daughters and all sons apart. However, with Birch having the darkest coloured ethnicity and his spouse likely to be much lighter, not only will their kids be able to be either of those options, they will also be able to look like a bunch of other ethnicities with colouring in between (even though that may not really make sense).

Also, I couldn't give Birch much actual personality. The personality system in CK2 is one of education and traits which affect 5 skills: Diplomacy, Martial, Stewardship, Intrigue and Learning. When creating a person from scratch, the traits you give them affect their age so you can't make them OP, and traits I would ordinarily give Birch would have made him like 50, so Birch has a Level 2 Diplomacy education (Underhanded Rogue) and he's a Legitimised Bastard (because in canon he doesn't even know who his father was), so his skills are 9 Diplomacy, 4 Martial, 5 Stewardship, 5 Intrigue, 5 Learning (8 is decent) and +5% fertility. As such, I'm just going to roleplay him and he might gain some traits along the way.

Alright, onwards to the first ten years!
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A Slightly Different Kind of Legacy...

So, I don't know if this'll work or anyone will be interested because it's not actually TS2... Thing is, I still love the whole family thing and I love my Rymans too, but my Rymans now take a lot of work and starting other sim legacies just lacks things for me now. I need to tell stories to get me attached to characters, sim or otherwise, and really the only challenge I find in sim legacies is staying interested and motivated. However, there is this game called Crusader Kings 2, where you play a dynasty and it is such a challenge.

Thing is, it being set in history and all, you can die. Of 'natural causes', at any age. Of illness at any point, in battle if you go, by assassination also... And you have to have an heir to take over who also reproduces before they die of any of the above. And you can't actually decide to have kids - you have to wait for a pop-up that tells you that your character or their spouse is pregnant; all you can do is try to pick someone with ostensibly high fertility who your character (or their family member) will like. And if you aren't playing one of the places where women can inherit (unfortunately few), you also have to cross your fingers for a boy. If a woman can inherit, you have to ensure that female heirs get married off matrilineally, because if your dynasty becomes unlanded it's game over. Which also means you have to ensure you don't get invaded and your land stolen. There is actually a way to control the difficulty; if you play as a King you'll have much more land to survive from invasions even if you lose some land, but I like to play it small - one county, which means there's a good chance I could be screwed after my first war. It's also a lot easier if you live in a merchant republic because your family house counts as land even if you aren't in control of any places, but I'll probably leave that until I've failed so much I'm on the point of rage quitting.

Managing 10 generations is going to be hard as hell, but I'd like to give it a go and document it so I can be more attached to the characters. I'll take screenshots of the characters so you can have an idea of what people look like, but due to the style of game, it'll mostly be just little bits of text in a diary-ish format (eg 1 January 769 ...). I've already started my first attempt, maybe people will give it a look when I've written it up?